When I’m not tinkering with electronics, I’m tinkering with BBQ, airplanes, weather, boats, the outdoors, food, craft beer, and travel.

mail in slot Image courtesy of Bogdan Sudito


pgMail is a small TCL based script that you can store within any PostgreSQL database. Once it is stored there, you can create any number of specialized procedures to send email from directly within PostgreSQL like emailing a customer when product ships.


merry go round Image courtesy of David Abercrombie

DKIM Rotator

The DKIM Rotator script will rotate all DKIM keys in a given directory using the date as the selector. Only the Year and Month fields (YYYYMM) will be leveraged for the selector. This script can easily be modified if you wanted to add an additional serial number at the end.


wooded road Image courtesy of Susanne Nilsson


I wrote WhereToNow to learn Go and Docker Containers. It’s designed to vary the webpage that might show up when a user inside a corporation hits Home on their default browser. The idea being that Home might be a different target depending on the time of day.


Left seat of a 787

Branden is an #avgeek!

Branden is a long time information security professional an IT tinkerer. He grew up computing in UNIX and has grown to love scripting and coding.

Most of his creations here are created out of need, but maybe it will work for others as well. Feel free to take what is here and modify to your liking!

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